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Welcome. This is my compilation of games, puzzles & online utilities, which I have found useful, interesting and entertaining.             Please take your time to explore the site, there's something here for all the family, from children's games to satellite images.

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Sudoku Puzzles

Play Sudoku Hot 42 puzzles, 4  levels. (9x9)

Print Sudoku Hot 9x9 (Week 38)

Daily Sudoku Online 3 levels daily (9x9)

Play Mini 6x6 Sudoku  3 levels (Beginners)

Super 16x16 Sudoku  3 Levels  (Advanced)

Extreme 25x25 Online 3 Levels  (Expert).

Sudoku flash game  75  Sudokus ( 279 kb)

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How To Do Sudoku   Help page.

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World Maps & Satellite images Explore the world in maps and pictures. (For fast connections)

Optical Illusions & Impossible images

Lotto numbers Generate your lucky numbers.

Unit converter length, weight, money & more

Free eBooks   18 free eBooks

Guestbook  Comments & Questions.

Chat room   with Alice online

eBay Sniper

Java Puzzles 

Jigsaw Index HotNature Animals & places.

Tetris  With high score.

Shisen PopularMatch  pairs of tiles.

Mahjongg  Match pairs of tiles, multi layer.

Crosswords Transport  Homes  Occupations

Wordsearch 18 categories.

IQ Test  Multiple choice, New test each page load

IQ Puzzle   Solitaire type puzzle.

Siji Solitaire typePuzzle with  levels.

Flash Puzzles

Plumber HotPipe connecting  puzzle.  ( 455 kb )

Peg solitaire Classic peg solitaire  ( 11 kb )

Sudoku flash game  ( 279 kb )

Tangram   Ancient Chinese puzzle  (60 kb)

Blox Block busting puzzle  (781 kb)

Maze 3D  Free the robot from the maze.  ( 66 kb )

Orbox & Orbox B Navigation puzzles.(78 kb)

Roadblock Navigation puzzle like Orbox(78kb)

Matchstick puzzle  ( 34 kb )

Quick Bricks  Brick busting puzzle  (478kb)

Kids Corner   index

Paint  Online colouring, Tom & Jerry

Drawing  Sketch pad

Dot to dot  Join the dots to make a picture.

Memory  Flash card memory game

Which one  Answer by clicking on pictures

Simon  Classic Simon memory game

Tic tac toe 1 or 2 players

Tell the time  Learning to tell the time

Build a Snowman  This is what we did before global warming

Flash Games Fixed

 Bubble shooter Hot  (Addictive )(144 kb )

Mr Fancy Pants   Check this out !. (1679kb)

Sonic the hedgehog Ultimate sonic game(1427kb)

Sim day & night  Game of  life.  (1663 kb )

Midnight Strike  Mission platform rpg. (798 kb)

Mini-putt Play mini golf  (845kb)

3D Golf  Play golf  (343kb)

Fishin Fever  Fishing Competition (1522kb)

Checkers  (49kb)

Millionaire 16 questions to a win million (632 kb)

Windows Rg   Silly stuff  (323 kb)

Java Games

British Pool  1 or 2 Player, or watch the pc play. 

Lines Link coloured balls, with high score.

Othello Also know as Reversi, with high score

Chess  Play Computer chess.

Net chess  2  player chess online.

Battleships  Blow up the enemies fleet.

Connect 4  The first to align 4 discs wins

Card & Casino Games

Blackjack   Nearest to 21, but not over 21 wins.

Video Poker   Flush, 3 of a kind etc.

Roulette  Place your bets & spin.

Arcade Games

Javanoid  Digger

 Invaders  Torpedo 

Grouse Hunt


Kids Corner

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